A painter made the table below to show the amount of paint it takes to cover a certain amount of square feet. The amount of paint varies directly with the area of each wall. Amount of Paint and Size of Wall Area of wall mc017-1.jpg, x 64 144 400 Amount of paint (pints), y 4 9 25 How much paint should the painter expect to use to paint a wall with an area of 256 square feet?16 pints 32 pints 128 pints225 pints

Accepted Solution

 Assuming no windows or doorways, there are 2 walls that have an area of 20*8 and 2 that are 18*8. That creates a total area of: 

160*2 + 144*2 = 608 square feet 
The ceiling adds 20*18 = 360 square feet 
Total per coat is 968 square feet. 
Multiply that by 2 for 2 coats: 
2*968 = 1936 
Divide that by 400 and the nearest half gallon is 5.0 gallons (4.84 rounded to the nearest .5)