Which of the following describes the movement of a figure that is translated according to the rule below? (x,y) (x-7,y+1) Question 2 options: left 7 units and up 1 unit up 7 units and left 1 unit down 7 units and right 1 unit right 7 units and down 1 unit

Accepted Solution

Answer:Taking (x,y) into account, here's the math.Step-by-step explanation:We know x is the horizontal line, so it will be moving to the left or right, while y is the vertical, meaning it will move up or down.If we do x-7, that means we're moving towards the left 7 times, or in other words, closer to the negative side. If y is +1, then that means we'll be moving up 1, closer to the positives.So, your answer would be, Left 7 units and up 1 unit.